Hospitality Remote Control - Remote Control for the Hotel and Lodging Industry.

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Programmable Hospitality Remote Control for the Hotel and Lodging Industry

HRC-540 Hospitality - Hotel Remote Control Hotel Remote Control   HRC-540 Hospitality Hotel Remote Control - Hotel Remote Control Hotel Remote Control- Adventure Hotels   HRC-540 Hospitality Hotel Remote Control - Hotel Remote Control Hotel Remote Control - Southwest Resort
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Customized to fit your layout, artwork and logo
Create Branded Custom Remote Controls for Any Hotel Guestroom
Improve your guest experience by providing an intuitive hospitality hotel remote control that is specifically designed for your guestrooms. Simplify the design by removing unnecessary keys from the original remote control and consolidate multiple remotes into a single and easy to use device. Flexible layout as any original remote infrared code can be mapped to any button on the HRC-540. Reduce theft and increase brand awareness with the addition of a property branded logo. Reduce battery replacement costs with a locking battery door (Torx T8 Security or Phillips head screw available). An ideal solution for both large and small properties.
The HRC-540 hospitality hotel remote control can be easily customized for use at a specific hospitality property. The original remotes would be submitted to Celadon, along with a simple worksheet to define the button layout and graphic design. Celadon will provide a sample to test and confirm the functionality of the device, as well as an artwork proof for the final design. Upon approval of the samples and artwork, Celadon can then begin to fill orders within a few weeks. Reorders can be made at any time!
Custom Remote Based on Installed Equipment
Consolidate Multiple Remote Controls - LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and more
Simplify Guest Experience
Reduce Technical Support Calls
Prevent Theft of Original Remote Controls
Logo for Hotel and Hospitality Brand Recognition
Secure Battery Compartment - Torx or Phillips Screw
Ideal for Large and Small Hotel Properties
Replacement Remote Control
Additional Technical Specifications
Layout Samples and Design Ideas

Please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability of our Hotel Hospitality Remote Control products or call our sales staff at (415) 472-1177 x201.
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