MODEL: HRC-540 - Hospitality Remote - Battery Compartment Security  
  We understand that theft of batteries from guestroom remote controls can be a considerable expense. We provide options for two different battery door screw types to prevent theft and reduce unnecessary expense.  
HRC-540 Battery Compartment Door with Screw (Phillips Head Shown)

Security Screw Specifications/Options
  Screw Type Options:
  Phillips Screw Head
Standard Phillips Screw secures batteries inside the battery compartment.
  Torx Security, Tamper-Resistant Screw Head
(For Additional Battery Compartment Security)
Size - T8
The Torx Security screw is also called the Tamper-Resistant Torx. The Security Torx not only requires a special Torx screwdriver, it also contains a post/pin in the center of the head which prevents a standard Torx screwdriver, or straight screw driver, from being inserted into the socket. We use a T8 size Security Torx Screw Head.
Additional Technical Specifications
Layout Samples and Design Ideas
Larger Image of HRC-540 Remote
HRC-540 Remote Front/Back Image
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